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Corrugated Column Anchor With Square Hole (394)

Part Number: 394

Used to anchor masonry walls to structural horizontal columns.

The anchor is pre-loaded onto a vertical sliding Bar and the bar is then welded to the steel member. As the wall is built, the anchor is placed in the mortar joint.


Stainless steel

Hot-dip galvanized after fabrication

Rolled strip zinc alloy 710 (1/8" only) firewall material

Mill Galvanized

#394 Corrugated Column Anchor with Square Hole

The efficient and reliable transfer of horizontal forces between a masonry wall and the building frame is critical to the stability of the building and its main components.

The #394 allows you to connect a masonry wall to Joist, Joist Girder or any other Truss as well as to a Castellated or Rolled Beam, while allowing free deflection. The anchor is pre-loaded onto the Vertical Sliding Bar which is then welded to the steel member. As the wall is built, the anchor is placed in the mortar joint.

System Benefits

1. Allows the use of joists and joist girders along the perimeter of the building, while anchoring the masonry wall to the open web members with the same efficiency as to a rolled steel member. This can reduce significantly the total cost of the steel framing.

2. Allows the placement of the beam, joist, or joist girder along the wall, rather than built into the wall, while assuring proper connection to the masonry.

3. Allows the use of the masonry wall as a shear wall more often, because the connection is stronger and more reliable. If necessary, two anchors can be installed on a single vertical sliding bar, thus increasing the total shear resistance of the system in a very economical way.


Thickness: 11 gage

Width: 3-1/4"

Material Specifications

Stainless Steel: Sheet metal anchors and ties: ASTM A 167, ASTM A 666, ASTM A 240/A240M AISI Type 304.

Wire ties and anchors: ASTM A 580 AISI Type 304

(AISI Type 316 available upon request)

Hotdip Galvanized: ASTM A 153 Class B-2: 22

(1.50 oz/ ft .)(0.46kg/m )

Mill Galvanized: Sheet metal anchors and

ties: ASTM A 653 G60

Wire: ASTM A 641 (0.1 oz/ ft .)

Plain Carbon Steel: ASTM A1008/A1008M Structural Steel ASTM A36/A36M-08

Wire: ASTM A 82/A82M Tensile Strengths 80,000 psi Yield Point 70,000 psi

Firewall Anchors: Rolled Strip Zinc Alloy 710. (Firewall alloy 1/8” and 16 gage only)

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